Donald Trump May Only Be Able to Read At a 7th Grade Reading Level

Having charisma and appealing at least to a certain segment of the population is absolutely necessary in order to get elected president of the United States. Being able to read at a high school level is more of an optional attribute that just about every modern president seemed to possess, with the notable exception being the 45th president.

Analyzing Donald Trump’s off the cuff speeches through word usage, grammatical level, and sentence flow shows a surprising trend: Trump’s non-prepared speeches are presented at a 7th grade level of English. His prepared speeches are another thing entirely as they are likely written by professional speechwriters, but the speeches given at his earlier rallies and even in some interviews, reveals that his handle on English may be at around the Jr. High level.

Now it’s possible that he is deliberately dumbing down his rhetoric in order to appeal to his target demographic, but this is incredibly unlikely since it’s nearly impossible to do so naturally when giving unprepared remarks for hours on end. You might see this a lot more on paper, but it’s not easy to hide high-level speech for years and when you are in front of cameras every single day.

Using terms like “gonna”, “’em”, etc. as well as foregoing words that most 7th graders may not understand, may reveal that even though Trump has his MBA, his actual proficiency level in English may be far below what was required at Wharton.

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