Kellyanne Conway is Reportedly On the Chopping Block

Things seem to be coming off the rails in the Trump administration as Michael Flynn becomes the highest profile resignation since Jan. 20th.

Conversations with Russian interests, which were denied outright at first, seemed to be his undoing, leading him to turning in his “resignation” on Monday night. What we are likely seeing is the systemic breakdown of much of Donald Trump’s power base in the executive branch. Once the first thread comes loose, it’s easy to start pulling at the rest of the garment.

Tuesday afternoon, Political Injustice learned that another top staffer may be on the chopping block. Sources say that Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s Counselor, may be the next one out after repeated gaffes and a blatant ethics violation within the last two weeks.

While cracks have started to show in the Republican facade in support of the president’s staff, privately, many rank and file Republicans (and nearly all Democrats) would like to see more established leaders closer to the president.

As of now, there has been no public comment from this administration that Conway should start looking for a new job, but sources indicate that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes.

Update: 5:47 PM – Kellyanne Conway will be turning in her resignation sometime tonight or tomorrow per an unnamed source.

Update: 7:25 PM – If Conway does not turn in her resignation by tomorrow, she will be fired. Also, the administration may be forcing her out to take some of the attention off of Michael Flynn’s departure.

Update: 9:13 AM – POTUS had a change of heart overnight giving Conway one last chance but she is “on incredibly thin ice” after tweeting to a white supremacist.

We will keep you updated as this develops.

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