Sorry Donald Trump, Courts Won’t Just “Act Fast” on Immigration Because You Tweet Them To.

In what will likely be a very important hearing by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday, the Trump administration’s¬†Muslim ban is going to be put to the test by a panel of three judges on a three-way telephone call.

There is a temporary restraining order on the ban in place right now, but this hearing will probably determine if it will stay in place or if more challenges will be deemed necessary in the short-term future. The speed of which this is taking place can best be described as “blazing” using most court cases as a frame of reference, but not fast enough for those who stand to lose the most from not being able to re-enter the country.

Monday night, Donald Trump sent out a tweet¬†instructing the courts to “Act Fast” on the issue and politicizing terrorism in the Middle East and Europe. The courts aren’t beholden to your tweets Mr. President, that’s the checks and balances system working as it is intended.

The tweet serves as the nightcap for a whirlwind day for President Trump on Twitter. Primarily targeted was the New York Times after a scathing report came out from unnamed sources claiming among other things that the president holds meetings in the dark because he can’t find the light switch.