Week Two: Remembering The Bowling Green Massacre

The date was September 24th, 2016, most students of Bowling Green University would rather forget that day but the massacre that took place will not soon be forgotten.

Bowling Green’s football team lost 77-3 against the Memphis Tigers in one of the biggest blowouts of the college football season. The 74 point drubbing was undoubtedly the massacre White House spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway was referring to when she talked about “what happened at Bowling Green” (though the game was at Memphis, but…semantics)

Perhaps the biggest news of Trump’s second week was the Muslim ban that went into effect and effectively turned airports into detention centers for those unlucky enough to have been caught in the air when the announcement was made. It is hard to imagine that the ban will survive a judicial challenge, though Trump has started shoring up that front with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch.

Tomorrow, the real work begins as information has already started coming in from Washington. The past 14 days have been hectic, as even we have been surprised by the number of news-worthy events coming out of the White House during the first two weeks of Trump’s presidency.