Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump Needs a Lesson in American History and How Our Democracy is Supposed to Work

Senator Bernie Sanders had some scathing words for President Trump earlier today when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a 3-0 ruling. In a statement to PoliticusUSA he stated, in part that Donald Trump needs a “lesson in American history and how our democracy is supposed to work”

Looking critically at Senator Sanders’ full statement, it becomes apparent that there is little love lost between the president and the independent senator from Vermont.

Senator Sanders is absolutely right, Trump has given ammunition to terrorists around the world, portraying our nation as one of intolerance and full of hatred towards Muslims at the federal level. The looming fight at the Supreme Court is going to play out with an even bigger eye turned towards it.

In the past, Senator Sanders has said some things that could be taken as conciliatory towards President Trump, but obviously he, as well as most other Americans, are very happy that the ban has been stayed for the time being.

Donald Trump may not have learned a lot about American history at Wharton, and especially not about much how our democracy is supposed to work, but he could learn a lot from the words of Bernie Sanders.

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