Donald Trump May Be This Generation’s Benedict Arnold For These Reasons:

Not even a month into his term as president and we already have these gems from the president himself and his administration. If a regular citizen were to cause this kind of harm to the country, most people would consider it treason.

In its simplest form, this is a partial list of the bad things done since Jan. 20th:

Trump takes sensitive security call in front of guests at Mar-a-Lago

Trump still refuses to release his tax returns

Trump starts dismantling Dodd-Frank Act for his friends’ benefit

Michael Flynn spends a couple of weeks as national security adviser before resigning

Trump determined to fight courts overturning his Muslim ban

Kellyanne Conway commits ethics violation telling people to buy Ivanka branded merchandise

Trump calls polls bad for him “fake news”

Trump didn’t understand order promoting Bannon to the NSC

Press secretary Spicer makes up fake Atlanta terrorist attack

Kellyanne Conway makes up fake Bowling Green terrorist attack

Betsy DeVos becomes education secretary

Climate change has been completely scrubbed from the website for the White House

“Alternative facts” becomes a thing

Trump lies about inauguration crowd size

Trump’s aides have been in contact with Russian spy agency

Trump will not negotiate drug prices

Trump signs an executive order banning more than 120 million Muslims from the U.S.

Trump lies about losing the popular vote count

Trump’s first military engagement gets a Nave SEAL killed

Trump lies about meeting Putin

NSA withholding sensitive information from Trump because they cannot trust him

Trump’s name pops up in more than 45 lawsuits since Jan. 20th

Nuclear football handler takes picture with the football and guest at Mar-a-Lago

Trump’s approval ratings are abysmally low

Trump speculates that the media is covering up terrorist attacks

Trump calls judge “so-called judge”

And those are just a few of the major issues plaguing this administration. Feel free to use the list as a rebuttal to anyone who claims that Trump’s “pros” outweigh his “cons”.

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