Lady Gaga May Get Her Mic Cut at Super Bowl Halftime Show if Speech Gets “Too Political” with VP Mike Pence in Attendance

Ever since 2005’s “wardrobe malfunction”, the Super Bowl halftime show has been carefully monitored both by the network broadcasting the game (Fox) and by coordinators in the stadium.

According to a source close to the vice president’s office, Lady Gaga may have her microphone cut if she starts getting “too political” with her speech. This includes references to women’s reproductive rights, or the controversial Muslim ban.

Tensions are running high with Donald Trump threatening to build a border wall and attempting to keep out Muslim immigrants, while Lady Gaga has been an outspoken critic of the current presidential administration. Further increasing concerns is the fact that Vice President Mike Pence is going to be at the game, providing the pop star with an opportunity to direct her feelings onto the VP at the biggest U.S. sporting event.

Though the singer has reportedly been warned about using the game to voice her political leanings, this is the first time there has been talk of actually removing her voice from the sound system.

In a way, silencing Lady Gaga by cutting her microphone would likely speak far louder than anything she has to say herself about the policies of the Trump administration.