Not Only Did Trump Aides Communicate With Russian Intelligence, Money May Have Also Been Exchanged

The two big stories of today have been Michael Flynn’s resignation and the exposing of communication between Trump aides and Russian interests.

Now, there may have been an exchange of money between some of the aides and others acting for international interests. While it’s hard to place every piece of the puzzle exactly where it goes, you can start to see a clear picture emerging out of Washington and Moscow.

Flynn’s trips were paid for out of a dubious account, which has not been subject to a proper audit. At the same time, there seems to be very little in the way of expenditures from the Trump campaign connected with overseas travel, or anything close to it, according to publicly available documents.

Beyond the obvious fact that Trump was Russia’s horse in the race, they were also facing billions of dollars worth of sanctions, in a country that bribery is almost a requirement.

When you start looking at everything as a whole, it is unlikely that private donors put up the money for these trips, knowing what it would be used for. Instead, it is much more plausible that money was given to Trump’s representatives, facilitating these trips and who knows what other sort of expenses incurred.

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